Monroe Manor

Nursing & Rehabilitation

Monroe Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a leading provider of long-term skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation solutions. Our 74 bed center offers a full continuum of services and care focused around each individual in today's ever-changing health care environment.

Monroe Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has been serving Green County since 1965 and is located in a residential neighborhood within two blocks of Monroe Clinic. Our center is Medicare and Medicaid certified.

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"When I came to Monroe Manor, I was a little more than and oversized, scared child. Truly, I don't remember much of my first day - except the fear. By the next day, I'd relaxed and actually began to enjoy my stay. Everyday I relished the laughter in the halls, and the family-like bantering that went on between the staff and residents. As with the care, I never felt embarrassed by the sometime awkward situations I was presented with. Everyone was as gentle as could be with my battered hip. So, to all that eased my pain, washed my hair, brought my meals, changed my dressing, pushed me to exercise, and listened to my tears - Thank You."

- Ann, patient

"I found Monroe Manor to have such a positive atmosphere during my stay and find the rehab center to be a convenient location to continue my outpatient therapy services."

- Karl Stein, rehab graduate

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